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A bag can be a great buy if you know what you are looking for. To choose the right bag for you, you need to know your body shape first, as the body shape will help you decide on the shape of the bag that you want to flaunt. Women who are tall and thin usually get swayed by the idea that the hobo bag is not for them because of its crescent or half moon shape. But contrary to their thoughts the hobo bag actually works wonders for them as it compliments their tall and slender frame. For them the clutch also works well.

For small or petite women, the common misconception is that totes or other big bags are more suitable. But again going against popular notion it has been seen that a shoulder bag or specifically a strap shoulder bag is the best option for such women. Plus size women might consider revisiting their idea of opting for smaller bags. Plus size women are in for a surprise to understand that for their large frame a small bag does more damage than good. For such body shapes a tote bag is the most suitable as it conceals the shape of the body. Where prints are considered, tiny ones should be avoided.


When making a choice regarding the bag you want to buy, always concentrate on the durability factor of the bag. After spending a sizeable amount of money on a bag, you would want it to last. When looking for the right bag, always opt for leather ones, as they would help you use them repeatedly without worrying about the result. Size is also a factor to be considered in the bag you buy. If you are a working woman and want to buy a bag that can hold many things inside, opting for a tote seems like a good idea. A tote would give you space to carry all the things that you need and at the same time it will be high on the style quotient too.


There is a little bit of colour in everything around us, so why would our bags be different? For all occasions a bag in solid colours like black or brown is a safe bet, but if you are fond of colour and have a colourful personality, then playing around with colours is optimistic. Vibrant colours can also breathe a new lease of life into your old dresses or minimal accessories. When making the essential choice about your bag, consider thinking the purpose of buying the bag. Is it only for an evening or do you want to invest a lot more evenings and afternoons on it? If your answer is the latter then go according to the functionality of the bag you wish to buy.


How do you like to carry the bag? Would it be on one shoulder as a sling, on your wrist, or on your shoulder as a strap? Each one is different and you would have to decide on the way you are most comfortable carrying your bag. Style is a constant factor when you are considering buying your bag. If it is stylish, it will definitely adorn your closet. But what about the changing trends and fashion? How do you cope with that? Save yourself the headache of constant upgrades by seeking out ELITE COUTURE which will help you to rent the bag you so desire.


With ELITE COUTURE not only do you have the liberty of choosing the bag you want, albeit, keeping in mind the factors that should be considered while buying a bag, but also have the freedom of keeping your closet clutter free but high on style whenever the occasion arises.

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Louis_Vuitton_Alma_ELITE COUTURE


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