Should you have any questions about the service we offer not answered here, please feel free to contact us.


When can I place my order?

We can place your order online and reserve your order to hire a designer handbag as soon as you know which bag you would like. We recommend that members make their reservation weeks in advance to help ensure you get the bag you want, especially from our Chanel and Dior range. Simply email us at

Can I get insurance on my bag?

Yes, when hiring designer handbags from our collection, you can add optional insurance for £15 when you checkout online – FREE for DIAMOND members. This will cover you for very minor accidental damage which is deemed repairable by Elite Couture. Our priority is that you enjoy using your hired handbag wherever you go with complete piece of mind . We always ask that you take care of your bag as if it is your own. We do also recommend you check your home insurance policy for coverage against damage or loss.

When does my rental period begin and end?

Your rental period starts on the day your order is delivered, for example, if your designer handbag is delivered on a Tuesday for a two-week rental period (14 days), then this will be your start date. Your box containing the hired bag will be collected 14 days after (Tuesday to Tuesday). Bags hired for one month will be for (28 days). We will send you an email 2 days before your hire period ends to remind you.

What if I have missed my return date?

You will need to contact us at or contact customer service on 0800 612 7520 informing us you have missed your return date. Should your bag not be returned within the pre-determined date, we reserve the right to charge your card accordingly. Late fees will be charged (see terms and conditions)

Do you guarantee the bag is 100% authentic?

Yes. All our bags are direct from the designers in London, Paris and Milan.

Do I need to cancel my membership?

No. Membership will run depending on the length of time your have bought your membership. All memberships can be cancelled on request but are non-refundable.

How many bags can I rent at a time?

We only allow one bag per member at a time.

Is there a minimum commitment time for membership?

All members can join Elite Couture for FREE. See our paid membership options SILVER, GOLD and DIAMOND. Our membership options give your the opportunity to take advantage of some fantastic offers, such as FREE DELIVERY, FREE GIFT, FREE INSURANCE and DISCOUNTED BAG HIRE. Membership fee’s can be refunded should you wish to leave us

How long does it take to become a verified member?

As soon as we have received all the necessary identification documentation, processing your application is very quick and should not take longer than 3 business days. We will notify you when your account is active

What should I do if I want to continue my hire period?

Continuing with your hire period is possible however most of our bags especially Chanel and Dior normally are reserved

Can I rent a bag which does not appear on the website?

Yes. If there is a particular bag you would like but you cannot see this on our website, we still may be able to provide this for you.

I’m a registered member but cannot get the bag I really want.

We always do our best so that you can rent the bag you desire. However, we recommend you register bags into your wishlist for this purpose. When the bag is returned and is in outstanding condition to hire, the bag will again appear available on our website. Placing a bag into your wish-list will allow us to inform you when the bag is available.

Do you hire out to businesses?

Yes we hire out to many kinds of Film and TV production companies within the UK. We have hired out to cast members of of the reality TV series Birds of the Feathers, Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex.

How much does delivery cost to receive the bag and to return to Elite Couture?

Delivery is FREE for Gold and Diamond members, including returning to us. One payment of £15 delivery applies to Silver members. All our deliveries are cared for by UPS.

What should I do if my hired bag is damaged or lost?

Should your hired bag become damaged or lost you will need to contact us at

What happens if my hired handbag becomes lost or damaged?

If the handbag has been lost or damaged, you will need to contact us immediately (see our terms and conditions). To put your mind at rest, this does not happen very often.

Can I clean my hired bag?

We strongly advise never to clean the bag you are hiring.