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Conforming to style formulas has the desired effect.



Being a fashionista in her own right, a woman can rarely go wrong with an ensemble. In the ensemble it is of the utmost that the dress and the purse, clutch or bag compliment each other. They should not be glaring opposites which can attract the wrong kind of attention to you. A perfect clutch or a purse not only compliments the wearer but also the dress that has been worn. People, who are skilled at this art, often take upon themselves the task of matching a not so expensive dress and a purse and turn the whole ensemble into a million dollar thing. But if you are clueless about designer handbags that can add that zing to your evening, ELITE COUTURE’s range of designer handbags will certainly give you options galore.


It is often said that we should wear dresses that compliment our body shapes. The same is true for handbags too. Whether you want to carry a clutch or a tote not only depends on the occasion but also on the dress and your body shape. If you are clumsy in carrying this piece of accessory, not only would you be doing injustice to the bag but also to the dress. Though designer dress hiring and designer bag hiring are fairly new concepts in the world of fashion, yet there is a lot of scope that is offered when you know how to use these hiring services. The dress rentals and handbag rentals are known to give you brands that you could have possibly only dreamt about owning. Imagine donning a CHANEL dress with a PRADA clutch. Seems like the good life, doesn’t it?


Our life is punctuated by occasions. Some are happy and some are otherwise. When choosing a dress for hire or a handbag for hire, this should be kept in mind by you. If you are attending a wedding as a guest, dressing according to the theme of the wedding makes more sense and if you are a bridesmaid at some wedding you will be dressed according to the bride’s wishes. But no one said that because you have to conform to a theme, you do not have the liberty of doing a little bit of homework and adding your signature style quotient to the dress. That signature style quotient can be accentuated by an elegant handbag hired from ELITE COUTURE.


Conforming to traditions and themes is not always welcome by someone who is a wild-child and loves to draw inspiration from celebrities who are known to be a little eccentric and whose dressing style is a little out of the box. Today many dress rentals and bag rentals are stocking up on such dresses and accessories which are appealing to the non-conformists. Conformist or not, if you are a woman who loves celebrity style and fashion, the designer dress and designer handbag rentals are here to stay for you.  



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